Why we meet!

In a conversation with co- founder Bill Hodge of the EPW he asked what are we doing this October? We (NPPA, He and I) started the revolution. After seeing what the Television component of NPPA was doing with their workshop, we approached Charles Cooper and decided to start a hands on workshop for the still photographers.

With the support of Bill Pekala –Nikon, Dave Metz – Canon and Paul Curtis – Eastman Kodak  the Electronic Photojournalism Workshop on Martha’s Vineyard 25 years ago. We all sat there with Photoshop as a beta if that, Kodak’s film scanner and prototype “electronic “camera’s. We were told that in the future you would sit in your kitchen having breakfast reading the paper on a electronic screen. John Long then President of NPPA started his 25 year term as ethics guru that week.

So this year we celebrate 25 years. We will have a discussion round table about: Where did we start –where did we go – where are we know – what is the future. This conversation will continue on the video component Saturday night October 4.


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